• Star in your own video performance
  • We teach at Schools in group and personal settings
  • We facilitate djembe drumming circles
  • We give personalized and accredited drum lessons
  • We teach all age groups and levels

Come on in!

Have you ever experienced standing by the pool or at the beach and you just not sure whether to step into the water or not? It can be both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. When you eventually got into the water you couldn't believe it took you so long because the water was fine. The world of drumming is fine indeed. And it's really open to anyone! We at LIVE2DRUM know that the first step is often the hardest, but once you get in you'll realize how much you would've benefitted had you started sooner. It is our hope to share all that we have gained from our journey in this vast universe of drumming with you. And our journey continues. So come on in, the water is fine!

  • Drum Lessons

    We give personal and group drum lessons
    We provide drum education in personal and ensemble settings

    We give drum lessons from our studio in Lombardy East and at schools in the Johannesburg area. Our studio is open 7 days a week for your convenience. We also provide Graded Music tuition.

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  • Team Buildings

    We provide fun interactive drum circle team buildings
    We facilitate interactive drum circles

    Whether you're a School, Corporate or simply a bunch of people that want to do something different, we facilitate drumming circles for all. We provide the djembe drums and travel anywhere in the Greater Johannesburg area.

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  • Studio Recordings

    We do video recordings
    We help you create a video portfolio

    Whether you need to record performances as a band or as an individual, we have the facilities to do so. We even do the editing. Track your progress by recording your performances and reviewing them.

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  • Rentals and Sales

    We buy and sell, refurbish and hire drumkits
    We can satisfy all your drumming needs

    Need djembe drums to host your own function? Don't want to buy a drum kit just yet? Why not consider hiring djembe drums, a drum kit or a practice kit? We also supply drum kits, gear and other drumming stuff.

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Who are we?

We are a passionate group of drummers who want to share our ever-increasing knowledge, experience and love for drumming with all we meet. We love doing what we love and we love being able to share what we love with others.

Drumming is about pouring your heart and soul into the instrument. We live by the principle that drumming is not about worrying about what you cannot do, it's about having fun with what you can do. Our LIVE2DRUM crew has a combined teaching and performing experience of more than 70 years! And we're here to teach you that you can learn and have fun! Whether it be drumming or any other passion you have, we are here to encourage you to keep pursuing your dreams. We are living proof that hard work, determination and love for what you do pays off.

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